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What to expect from Therapy

Therapy shouldn't be mysterious, we want you to understand the process every step of the way!


•The potential therapist addresses any questions or concerns the potential client may have, a complimentary 15-minute phone or video chat consultation is offered by AHM.

•The potential therapist provides information on their background, privacy information, fees, policies, what to expect.

•If potential client agrees to information proposed in the informed consent for treatment, documents are signed, therapy is initiated and the assessment phase begins.

Assessment & Initial Goal Setting

•Your therapist will ask the you to complete an assessment form with a wide range of information. The more information you are able to provide, the better "full picture" your therapist will have to assist you in achieving your goals. 

•If there is information you would rather discuss in person, or an accommodation is required, please inform your therapist, AHM would be more than happy to assist.

•The first 2-3 sessions will be spent getting to know you, your values, your needs and personal strengths.

• If it is determined that you would benefit from a different level of care, type of therapy or various community resources, this will be indicated by your therapist. 

•You will Identify what you would like to focus on and achieve in therapy and your therapist will provide options of potential treatment based on your goals, learning style and preferences.


•Together, you and your therapist, will work collaboratively to achieve your goals

•Your therapist will offer insights, strategies and interventions based on your treatment plan, learning style and preferences 

•You will offer insight into how the plan and strategies are working for you, engage in therapy and therapeutic activities as well as provide feedback that will inform continued therapy

• You may be offered various resources and it is your choice if you would like to utilize them in conjunction with therapy

Success Reviews

•You will be asked for your feedback on how you have been doing in achieving your goals, and your therapist will offer their insight as well

•You will be asked what has been working for you, and what has not

•Based on this information, you and your therapist will work on altering your treatment plan accordingly to continue or move toward termination.


•Ideally, you've achieved your goals for therapy! Woo-hoo!! You and your therapist may begin to space sessions  further apart initially to monitor the maintenance of your progress then decide together on a final meeting.

•During your final meeting, you and your therapist will discuss your progress, challenges and how you can maintain continued success.

•If you are wanting to continue your therapeutic adventures elsewhere (either because of a move or for a better fit) our staff will provide referrals and assist you in transitioning with ease. Our goal is for you to receive the assistance you need above all. 


•You are always welcome in the AHM community. If at any time following termination you need to come back to utilize our services, the door is open. New challenges and life transitions can mean learning new techniques, and we are always here to support you no matter what part of your adventure!

This is intended to give a general timeline and expectations for the process of therapy at AHM. Our goal is to bring structure to the therapeutic process while maintaining flexibility for each individuals needs.This process can greatly vary for each individual and some clients may benefit from alterations, so please discuss your personal process with your therapist.

Ready to begin your adventure?

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