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What is teletherapy?


Teletherapy refers to services by electronic means, including but not limited to telephone communication, the Internet, facsimile machines, and e-mail is considered telemedicine by the State of California. Telemedicine is also referred to as teletherapy, Under the California Telemedicine Act of 1996, telemedicine is broadly defined as the use of information technology to deliver medical services and information from one location to another. 

AHM offers teletherapy appointments via phone or via HIPAA compliant video chat. Learn more about the benefits below!

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Why Teletherapy?

Save time

With no commute, attend a session on your lunch break or from the comfort of home

Save money

No gas cost or post-session fast food run, don't worry we know the struggle!

Save the planet

By reducing carbon emissions from gas, you are making a difference for the environment (especially over time!).

CONVENIENCE of teleTherapy -wherever your adventure Takes you


Snuggle up with your pets and favorite blanket, no need to leave the house. Save time & gas.


We all have things to do. You can squeeze in a session during lunch without leaving your office!

Your favorite spot

You can decide where you feel most comfortable. We recommend somewhere with some privacy, but the choice is yours.

Imagine the possibilities! You can recieve teletherapy from: