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What is your typical process for working with a new client?

     Initially we will speak over the phone for a complimentary 15-minute consultation, or you can book online directly through our client portal to be seen for an initial session. Same day appointments may be available. The client will fill out paperwork online in the client portal unless accommodations are requested. The first couple sessions will be spent getting to know you and what you are seeking from therapy. Following these sessions, we will provide options of potentially optimal therapeutic styles you may benefit from (like EMDR, CBT, or many more) to create a collaborative and individualized plan for treatment. We will work in this style or a variety of styles until goals are satisfactorily achieved, and we will be available to you for additional sessions or a "tune-up", if needed at a later time once treatment is complete. For more details check out our What To Expect page!

What should the client know about your pricing?

     The standard fee for a 50 minute session is $175 for an in office visit (additional pricing details can be found here). AHM attempts to offer competitive rates and work with clients experiencing financial hardship, so please contact us directly for current options. AHM does not accept insurance or third party reimbursement as a form of payment. Payment is due upon time of session and acceptable forms of payment include: cash, check, credit/debit card, health spending/flex spending account.

     Our pricing is formulated considering affordable pricing for consumers balanced with compensation and benefits packages to employees that reflect their hard work. By investing in our employees and contributing to their life and work satisfaction, they are able to offer the highest level of client service and satisfaction. 

What is the reasoning behind not accepting insurance?

There are several reasons why insurance reimbursement can present issues in therapy. 

      First off, insurance carriers require otherwise confidential information and diagnosis in order to pay for claims(often following one session, they require a diagnosis). By utilizing self pay at AHM, the amount of information remaining confidential within our office is much greater than going through insurance.

Insurance carriers often require a diagnosis (which some individuals are uncomfortable with, can follow someone their entire lives, raise premiums, and some individuals may not meet criteria for) and clients may be denied services by the carrier. At AHM, we believe all clients should have a choice in getting the treatment they may need regardless of these restrictions.

      Insurance carriers also require additional documentation time and elements that could otherwise be contributed to successful therapy outcomes and times spent in session. We believe better quality of care is able to be rendered when the complications that come with insurance billing are diminished by eliminating this element entirely.

How does this process of not going through insurance directly benefit me?

Insurance companies may not always be focused on providing the highest quality care possible, which is something we strive for at AHM. There are several reasons why accepting insurance can present issues in therapy. First off, insurance carriers require otherwise confidential information and diagnosis in order to pay for claims. Meaning that an individual would carry a diagnosis (which some individuals are uncomfortable with) or may be denied therapy services by the carrier despite the need. Insurance carriers also require additional documentation and time consuming elements that could otherwise be spent working toward successful therapy outcomes and time spent in session with clients. We believe your therapist can provide the best quality of care when complications and confidentiality concerns that come with insurance billing are diminished by eliminating this element entirely.

What is a superbill?

A "superbill" is a type of receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for direct reimbursement for “out-of-network” provider services. A superbill is available from your therapist upon request. The amount of reimbursement and the amount of any co-payments or deductible depends on the requirements of your specific insurance plan. You should be aware that insurance plans generally limit coverage to certain diagnosable mental conditions. You should also be aware that you are responsible for verifying and understanding the limits of your insurance coverage. Although your provider is happy to assist your efforts to seek insurance reimbursement, we are unable to guarantee whether your insurance will provide payment for the services provided to you.