What is family counseling?

Family counseling or psychotherapy involves a multiple clients within a family meeting with a counselor for sessions. Family counseling is the recommended modality for resolving issues within a family system such as unhealthy dynamics or patterns of behavior that the family would like to change. 

What are common problems brought to family counseling?

Family counseling can be utilized in the treatment of a wide variety of issues such as: relationship dynamics, communication issues,  separation/divorce, blended family adjustments, co-parenting, court compliance, finances, living arrangements and more. 

How can family therapy help?

Family therapy can bring awareness to dynamics and issues within the systems that we may not even know are there, let alone how to fix. Family therapy can assist by providing a non-biased professional to promote healthy relationships and offer feedback regarding systemic issues. Family therapy can validate and make members feel heard while working to problem solve issues that may be holding the family back from achieving optimal relationships.